HOPES is the first healthcare-specific platform to monitor patient healthcare outcomes and facilitate doctors’ variability reduction.

Its scorecard structure can be tailored to different specialities and the specific needs of the medical team.

HOPES incorporates the costs of each treatment and interacts with hospital IT systems. HOPES delivers details of treatment cost-effectiveness and enhances patients’ quality of life.

HOPES transforms data into value added for patients, hospital specialists and the healthcare system in general.

Benefits of HOPES

Benefits for patients

• Personalized attention.
• Constant analysis of the marked quality standards
• Analysis of the degree of adherence
• Treatment improvement
• Implementation of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) from a mobile app.

Benefit for the healthcare specialist

• Evaluate health results in real time, allowing to know and correct deviations.
• Establish compliance indicators.
• Issue comparative reports on actual vs. planned spending.
• Ability to analyze the quality of life of your patients through PROs.
HOPES - Better data, best health

Benefits for the system

• Sustainable Public Healthcare.
• Equal and universal access to innovation.
• Efficient management of healthcare resources.
• Synergies between hospitals.
• Knowledge and analysis of incidents.


Real World Evidence

HOPES bases its activity on the REAL WORLD DATA concept, covering the weakness of the health system information systems, collecting and analyzing key health indicators, focusing on serious diseases with high economic and health impact in the hospital environment.
Focusing on serious diseases with high economic and health impact in the hospital environment. In short, Real World Evidence = Value for the physician and well-being for the patient.
80% of the data currently available is unstructured, and healthcare and hospital environments are no exception.

HOPES collects and aggregates relevant data to monitor, in real time, the evolution of the patient’s disease, including Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs). We incorporate both health outcomes and pharmacotherapeutic costs to provide healthcare professionals variability reduction.
Compare a new treatment with the standard, calculate cost-effectiveness ratios of treatments, analyze behavioral groups, implement risk-sharing policies.

With HOPES it is possible to visualize the data in a fast and efficient way, through a friendly and easy to use interface.

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