Real World Data at the Service of Health

HOPES we transform data into value for the doctor, for the patient and for the entire health system.


HOPES collects and aggregates relevant data to monitor the evolution of the patient’s disease in real time.


Incorporating health outcomes and pharmacotherapeutic costs.


We empower health professionals in variability reduction.

Real World Evidence



Health Outcomes Performance Ecosystem for Sustainability, is the advanced platform developed by HOH, emerged as the first specific platform for the healthcare field that allows monitoring patient health outcomes and facilitates the physician’s variability reduction.

Developed as a dashboard, it is adapted to each specialty and to the specific needs of the medical team.

HOPES Fundamental Pillars

The HOPES project has an international vision and is based on these three fundamental pillars.



It incorporates the pharmacotherapeutic costs of each treatment, interoperating with the hospital information systems. It allows to know in detail the cost-effectiveness of treatments and improve the quality of life of patients.

At HOPES, we transform data into value for the patient, the hospital specialist and the healthcare system as a whole.

Patient benefits

Personalized treatment, continuous analysis of specific quality standards, analysis of compliance rates, improved treatment.

Benefits to health specialists

Real-time evaluation of healthcare outcomes to identify and remediate deviations, establish compliance indicators, generate comparative actual/expected cost reports.

Benefits for the system

Sustainable public health, equal and universal access to innovation, efficient management of healthcare resources, synergies between hospitals, knowledge and analysis of incidents.



HOPES has worked to generate an ecosystem where all health agents feel represented:

Companies / Entities partners in the HOPES project

  • LOGEX Group
  • PLEXUS Tech

Other partners

  • LUZAN 5
  • MK Media


Rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, oncology, infectious diseases.

New expansion areas

Severe asthma, multiple sclerosis.

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